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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Apple - iPod photo

Apple - iPod photo
My newest tech gadget! I get one tonight as an anniversary gift from my lovely wife Laura. For our 2nd wedding anniversary which we are celebrating today. No surprises, we each told each other what we would like as a gift - diamonds and jewelry are a girl's best friend - and for me Tech Toys!


Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Smart Mobs: Skypecasting

Interesting topic: Using Skype as a way to "share" mp3's via podcasts. I wonder if there are sound quality issues with how podcasts are recorded for voice.

Link to article...


Sunday, April 17, 2005

Onfolio and Bloglines using both together on different computers

I have been using Bloglines for awhile now and I have a large blog roll that I read through a few times a day. I also have the Blogroll on this blog. The good thing about Bloglines is that it is browser based, so I don't need to install any additional applications. This comes in handy for when you have to deal with a locked down computer at your office that blocks you from installing additional applications.

Then along comes Onfolio. I installed it and started using it at home on my notebook computer. It is a full application that you install so this was an issue on the work PC. An advantage of Onfolio is that you can publish to a Blogger blog. With Bloglines, I can blog items for a link blog, but it has to be a Bloglines blog. Although I have a bloglines blog, it is not my main blog and I don't use it as much as Blogger.

So, how does one get these two applications to work together to handle feed reading on two different computers? Here is what I came up with.

I added my Bloglines blog as a feed in Onfolio. During the work day, when I am reading feeds on Bloglines and I see an item I want to Blog about on my Blogger blog, I do a quick link only blog post with my Bloglines blog.

Later, when on my personal notebook computer, I can read this feed in Onfolio. I then add the post from the Bloglines feed, into an Onfolio collection which is set to post to my Blogger blog. I can then add some commentary with Onfolio and get a post into my Blogger blogs.

It works! Somewhat of a work around, but I was able to get this kicked off by using the Onfolio Bloglines synch application.


Blog consultant

Do you want to learn to blog? Do you want to become proficient with an aggregator tool like Bloglines to read and manage blogs that interest you? Have you ever thought about using the service of a Blogging Consultant? I have begun to do some consulting work related to blogging. I am currently helping someone set up a blog focusing on investing in the stock market via exchange traded funds. We are using Blogger for now but I can work and train clients on the fee based blog tools as well.

You may ask why I am posting this on my blog. If someone can find this and read it, they obviously either are already blogging or are proficient with blog aggregator tools. Yes, you would be correct about that. I am actually looking to see how well the post can be found via a search engine when someone looks for terms related to blogging. And I just wanted to make note that I am available for this type of consulting work. I need to update my website to list Blog consulting. I also plan on listing some topics related to podcasting, both for creating podcasts and consuming them as a listener.

I was not surprised to find some others out there offering these services as well.
But it appears to be a small population of people at this point in time.


Techno Files: An Update on Stuff That's Cool (Like Skype & Google's Photo Maps)

The New York Times > Business > Your Money > Techno Files: An Update on Stuff That's Cool (Like Google's Photo Maps): "TECHNO FILES
An Update on Stuff That's Cool (Like Google's Photo Maps)"
NY Times article talks about Skype and Google's satellite photo maps.
Direct link to article - NY Times website registration should not be required as I used the NY Times link generator.


Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Google Offers Local Mobile Search

Just bookmarked this on my MOT V551 Cingular cell phone. Very cool and I am sure it will come in handy. Now if they can just get those satellite images and real time traffic...

From: Gizmodo

google_local.jpgGoogle has added another service to their mobile offerings: Google Local. Punch in your search term, as well as the location or zip code to limit your search, and receive a nice, mobile-sized Google Map with details listed below. The service is—in …

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Sunday, April 10, 2005

My FireFox Browser Extensions Posted by Hello


Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Digimemo electronic writing pad

I have been using this for a few months - mostly for work and taking notes in meetings. It works well with Evernote, especially the handwriting recognition part! I've been meaning to write something more on using Digimemo with Evernote.

From: Engadget


This isn't exactly groundbreaking technology (didn't IBM do this, like, ten years ago?), but Selwyn's new Digimemo electronic writing pad will let you take notes on paper and save everything on its internal memory or on a CF card so

Link to article...


Monday, April 04, 2005

Skype Rolls Updates to Skype for Pocket PC

Once I get my ipaq back from being repaired I will install this update. I am thinking of signing up for a Skype Voice Mail account in the near future.

From: Pocket PC Thoughts

It's been a few months, but Skype has finally released an update for Skype for Pocket PC. There are a few doozies in the list of fixes and additions, including:

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The Engadget Interview: Dave Ulmer, Motorola Media Solutions - iRadio

The Engadget Interview: Dave Ulmer, Motorola Media Solutions:
For this week’s Engadget Inteview, veteran journalist J.D. Lasica spoke with Dave Ulmer, director of marketing for Motorola Media Solutions about Motorola’s upcoming release of iRadio and how the technology may forever change how we listen to radio. Oh, …
via Engadget

A very interesting interview about Motorola's upcoming iRadio Service. This looks like it has all the elements to be successful. I'm a bit discouraged by the 3 year time frame for Bluetooth to become more prevelant in cars. I want it sooner - like early next year when my lease is up. Yes, I've already started thinking about picking my next vehicle - and its all about the in vehicle technology!


Sunday, April 03, 2005

Bloglines sync tool

From: Onfolio Beta Forums

Attached is a tool that provides Bloglines sync for Onfolio. I'm referring to FeedDemon-style synchronization, as described here (as opposed to, say, RSS Bandit-style synchronization).

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My Many Toolbars in Internet Explorer

My Many Toolbars in Internet Explorer
Originally uploaded by votaaj.

Testing SnagIt! as a windowed portion of a screen capture emailed to Flickr and then using the Blog This function through Flickr.


Saturday, April 02, 2005

BlogLines Update: The Universal InBox

John Battelle's Searchblog: BlogLines Update: The Universal InBox: "Bloglines readers can look forward to collecting more kinds of unique-to-me information on Bloglines in the near future, such as neighborhood weather updates and stock portfolio tracking."

I did the package tracking the other day. It worked OK with a UPS package. The company emailed me they received it before the last status update showed up. But I've seen that happen with just using the UPS website so it isn't a Bloglines issue. I look forward to the stock portfolio stuff!

via: John Battelle's Searchblog


Jyve-Card - techsavvyguru

Jyve-Card - techsavvyguru
This is finally working and showing my online status when I am online. Hopefully, the updating for this starts responding faster to changes in my Skype status. The Jyve people say it is going to get better. If it does, I think I will like this!


Convoq, Inc. Presence-Powered Web Conferencing ASAP Express

Convoq, Inc. Presence-Powered Web Conferencing
I just downloaded ASAP Express, the free personal version of this web conferencing software. There is a link on my blog to initiate a meeting with me when it shows that I am online. If anyone wants to try it out, look for me online and click on the link.