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Monday, November 24, 2003

Tony's Moblog

Tony's Moblog

Here is my latest tech / Internet project. I wanted to experiment with this site for posting pictures to a mobile blog "Moblog". Since I don't have a camera phone, I had to make sure it would work with just sending a pic via e-mail. It does, the first pic of me I just sent from my home PC. The next pic of my ipaq and a Mango smoothie was taken at Border's Bookstore Cafe' with my Pentax Optio 550 DigiCam. I then transferred the SD card to my ipaq, and sent the picture via e-mail while using Wi-Fi. It worked like a charm, so now I have a way to post pics to the Internet while mobile.

I then thought about getting a CF digital camera (the Veo Traveller) for the PocketPC. This product didn't work properly for me and I returned it the next day.

Now, I ordered a Sony-Ericsson MCA-25 digi-cam attachment for my T68i. When I get this, I will try to take some pics with the phone camera attachment, then transfer them via BlueTooth to the ipaq and e-mail them to the TextAmerica Moblog.


Wednesday, November 19, 2003

MobileMag : NetDisk Mini Network Storage Device - Notebooks - Mobilemag.com

MobileMag : NetDisk Mini Network Storage Device - Notebooks - Mobilemag.com

This looks like a great product. I've looked at these Ximeta NAS devices before and will consider getting one when I get a new machine with XP. If I recall, they won't work with my old Win Me desktop - another reason to retire it ASAP!

I also saw today that Ximeta announced a business arrangement with Iomega - and Iomega will be licensing Ximeta technology and reselling or rebranding it under the Iomega name. What an improvement over a Zip Disk!



Saturday, November 15, 2003

AT&T GPRS Connection

I haven't moved my location, still @ Border's but I changed to the cell phone connection to try to make a post remotely over this connection. An interesting point about the Wi-Fi connection vs. the GPRS is that Wi-Fi I pay by the minute of use and GPRS is by the Mbytes of data. So with wi-Fi, I want to get on and off fast but while on I can turn on images and let pictures come through. when on GPRS, I can slow down and take my time but I want to change my settings to not show images. Of course, I could get an unlimited use monthly Wi-Fi but I don't use it enough for that. And right now I pay ATT for more data than I use so I am trying to use it up and get my money's worth each month. That's enough for now.


Posting from "The Road"

Well, not really the road - just the local Border's Books Cafe w/ T-Mobile Wi-Fi access.

I've got the ipaq,the Linksys CF Wi-Fi card, the Stowaway XT portable keyboard, and I was just able to check the Blog, update an earlier post I did from home, and now hopefully post this one as well. The next test after this would be to do a post via the AT&T GPRS network with the cell phone connection. It shouldn't be a problem.


Topics of Discussion

Here are some of the topics I plan on discussing in upcoming Posts:

ipaq Pocket PC 3870 & Windows Mobile 2003 Upgrade
Various Accessories for the ipaq - Stowaway XT keyboard
Sony Ericcsion T68i Phone with Bluetooth
Jabra Bluetooth Headset
Pentax Optio 550 Digital Camera
Pogo Ripflash MP3/WMA Player Recorder

Then I will venture into some of the items I hope to buy in the not too distant future: In no particular order

Tablet PC or new notebook PC
Bluetooth GPS
Mass Storage Device - possibly Network attached Storage
And more to come...

I also plan to work on adding the ability to comment to this Blog.


Friday, November 14, 2003

I am starting this Blog to discuss the technology and gadgets that I own and use or "stuff" that I am currently researching or planning on buying in the near future.

For instance, this is my Prismiq Media Player reviewed on a website that I frequent called eHomeUpgrade

I am currently using the Prismiq on a wired network connection. The unit supports wireless 802.11b and g connections but I have not tried them with this unit.

I previously tried out the HP Media Player but I returned it to the store after a few days. This one was wireless but I did not find it to be a very good unit and after a few days of testing it out I decided to try the Prismiq.