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Sunday, November 27, 2005

T3 Tony's Tech Talk Podcast #7

T3 Podcast show # 7
T3 Tony's Tech Talk Podcast #7
Saturday 11/26/2005
Pod Safe music network - I Wonder by Natalie Brown

Sync magazine to cease publishing paper magazine - Web site may stay?

Adesso CyberPad Blog Post

Adesso Cyber Pad Product Link

podsafe music network


Monday, November 14, 2005

Adesso --> CyberPad

Adesso --> Home

I just noticed this product listed on the Evernote site. It looks like a great improvement over the AceCad Digimemo in that it is full 8.5"x 11" paper size and also works as a drawing tablet when connected directly to the PC. It costs about 2x as much as the DigiMemo at around $200 but if it does all it says it can - it should be worth it. Note - the product also ships with EverNote and some other pen app aware software.

I will be scouting around for online reviews. If anyone sees anything on this, please let me know via a comment to the post. Normally, I would just buy it outright in order to try it - but the Digimemo is working for me and I already purchased a Wacom tablet (and it is under utilized)


Monday, November 07, 2005

New CellStik Designed to Manage Contacts

New CellStik Designed to Manage Contacts: "
Spark Technology, the company behind the USB flash drive style device, says the CellStik will help to make it easier to transfer contact information between your PC and cell phone.
Clever idea. Article says it is available for Motorola phones. It might be worth a try. I've seen a sign at the local cell phone kiosk in the mall advertising $20 each for phone number transfer and backup.


Google Local for mobile

I just downloaded this and gave it a quick trial. It looks great!
It works on Cingular with my MOT V551 phone.
I'll test it out some more before I give a full opinion but it looks like GOOG just keeps turning out useful apps.