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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Yahoo lets users search e-mail photos, documents - Yahoo! News

Yahoo lets users search e-mail photos, documents - Yahoo! News: "Moving beyond simple keyword searches, Yahoo will now allow users to trawl through e-mail files in far greater detail. Searches can focus on subject lines, the body of text and even attached documents, without first having to open the e-mail."

I saw this "New" link in my Yahoo email and tried it out yesterday. It looked useful. It showed all the attachments that were buried in my Inbox and folders, some that I had forgotten about. Check it out.


Thursday, August 18, 2005

EverNote - EverNote User Stories

EverNote - EverNote User Stories:

This goes back a bit to June I think. I never got around to doing a blog entry, but my user story was picked to be featured on the EverNote website, and for that I got a free copy of EverNote Plus version.

The Digital Notepad User
I use EverNote at work in conjunction with a DigiMemo Acecad A501 digital notepad. I take the DigiMemo to meetings and make handwritten notes of the meetings. I then import the DigiMemo files into EN and get: Date/Time tracking, Categories, and best of all handwriting recognition to search through the text of the handwritten notes.

I have also begun experimenting with EN as a contact manager by scanning business cards and capturing the images with EN. Additionally, I have implemented the Getting Things Done (GTD) system in my categories.

EverNote has simplified my work life by helping me organize all those random paper notes that I sometimes lost or never filed while they were fresh in my mind. My personal life will benefit as well once I can synch with my iPaq PDA.


Saturday, August 13, 2005

T3 Podcast Show #6, Misc. ramblings & Pod Safe Music - Rob Costlow

T3 Podcast show # 6
T3 Tony's Tech Talk Podcast #6
Saturday 8/13/2005
It's hot here in LI, NY.
Work on the house is coming along nicely.
Pod Safe music network - I Do by Rob Costlow

podsafe music network
Tech News - OS X on Intel PCs


Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Sonos Digital Music System

I'm a little behind in updating the My Tech Section of my main website but I've been enjoying my Sonos Digital Music System for a few weeks now. More to follow on it.