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Thursday, August 18, 2005

EverNote - EverNote User Stories

EverNote - EverNote User Stories:

This goes back a bit to June I think. I never got around to doing a blog entry, but my user story was picked to be featured on the EverNote website, and for that I got a free copy of EverNote Plus version.

The Digital Notepad User
I use EverNote at work in conjunction with a DigiMemo Acecad A501 digital notepad. I take the DigiMemo to meetings and make handwritten notes of the meetings. I then import the DigiMemo files into EN and get: Date/Time tracking, Categories, and best of all handwriting recognition to search through the text of the handwritten notes.

I have also begun experimenting with EN as a contact manager by scanning business cards and capturing the images with EN. Additionally, I have implemented the Getting Things Done (GTD) system in my categories.

EverNote has simplified my work life by helping me organize all those random paper notes that I sometimes lost or never filed while they were fresh in my mind. My personal life will benefit as well once I can synch with my iPaq PDA.


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