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Sunday, May 27, 2007

Digital Lifestyle News: AppleTV Hacks and Pandora for Mobile & Living Room

 I just updated my Sonos software and I am really enjoying the new feature of Pandora.com integration.  So much so, that a annual subscription is pretty much a given for me once the 30 day trial is done.  Interesting happenings here:  I was a "free" subsctiber to Rhapsody via the "free basic" account provided with my cable internet service Optimum Online, and also I had tried out the free account for Pandora.  So basically, via marketing deals and integration with my Sonos system, both Rhapsody and Pandora now have me as a paying subscriber.  Well done Sonos!


Now to get that Apple TV purchased and set up...

In another post, last100 looks at the recent news about personalized Internet radio station Pandora, which this week announced a version of Pandora for your mobile and living room. Pandora is calling this its 'anywhere' platform. Steve wrote: "At yesterday's announcement, the company unveiled two new partnerships: Sonos for streaming Pandora around the home, and Sprint for mobile. Both the mobile and home streaming versions fully integrate with Pandora on the web, so for example, everything you create, rate or bookmark on your phone, also appears the next time you're back on the web, and vice versa.

Source: Digital Lifestyle News: AppleTV Hacks and Pandora for Mobile & Living Room


Monday, May 07, 2007

America: The Growing Digital Divide

Well, with a self proclaimed monkier like "TechSavvyGuru" I have to put myself in the 31% Elite Tech Users category - and I feel I cross over the: Omnivore, Connector, and productivity enhancer sub-categories.


Where do you see yourself?  Take a read of the study and let me know.



Link to America: The Growing Digital Divide