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Monday, November 24, 2003

Tony's Moblog

Tony's Moblog

Here is my latest tech / Internet project. I wanted to experiment with this site for posting pictures to a mobile blog "Moblog". Since I don't have a camera phone, I had to make sure it would work with just sending a pic via e-mail. It does, the first pic of me I just sent from my home PC. The next pic of my ipaq and a Mango smoothie was taken at Border's Bookstore Cafe' with my Pentax Optio 550 DigiCam. I then transferred the SD card to my ipaq, and sent the picture via e-mail while using Wi-Fi. It worked like a charm, so now I have a way to post pics to the Internet while mobile.

I then thought about getting a CF digital camera (the Veo Traveller) for the PocketPC. This product didn't work properly for me and I returned it the next day.

Now, I ordered a Sony-Ericsson MCA-25 digi-cam attachment for my T68i. When I get this, I will try to take some pics with the phone camera attachment, then transfer them via BlueTooth to the ipaq and e-mail them to the TextAmerica Moblog.


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