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Sunday, April 17, 2005

Blog consultant

Do you want to learn to blog? Do you want to become proficient with an aggregator tool like Bloglines to read and manage blogs that interest you? Have you ever thought about using the service of a Blogging Consultant? I have begun to do some consulting work related to blogging. I am currently helping someone set up a blog focusing on investing in the stock market via exchange traded funds. We are using Blogger for now but I can work and train clients on the fee based blog tools as well.

You may ask why I am posting this on my blog. If someone can find this and read it, they obviously either are already blogging or are proficient with blog aggregator tools. Yes, you would be correct about that. I am actually looking to see how well the post can be found via a search engine when someone looks for terms related to blogging. And I just wanted to make note that I am available for this type of consulting work. I need to update my website to list Blog consulting. I also plan on listing some topics related to podcasting, both for creating podcasts and consuming them as a listener.

I was not surprised to find some others out there offering these services as well.
But it appears to be a small population of people at this point in time.


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