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Monday, April 04, 2005

The Engadget Interview: Dave Ulmer, Motorola Media Solutions - iRadio

The Engadget Interview: Dave Ulmer, Motorola Media Solutions:
For this week’s Engadget Inteview, veteran journalist J.D. Lasica spoke with Dave Ulmer, director of marketing for Motorola Media Solutions about Motorola’s upcoming release of iRadio and how the technology may forever change how we listen to radio. Oh, …
via Engadget

A very interesting interview about Motorola's upcoming iRadio Service. This looks like it has all the elements to be successful. I'm a bit discouraged by the 3 year time frame for Bluetooth to become more prevelant in cars. I want it sooner - like early next year when my lease is up. Yes, I've already started thinking about picking my next vehicle - and its all about the in vehicle technology!


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