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Sunday, March 27, 2005

Some ideas I am toying with...

I've been using Evernote software for awhile now and I anxiously await the new monthly updates they have been issuing on a regular basis. I just started trying out Onfolio as well.

Using both of these programs, and looking at my own tendencies for managing digital data on my hard drives, I started thinking, would there be a market for consulting services to show people how to best use programs like these to organize their digital lives?

The concept of a hard drive "DOCtor" came to mind - where DOC means Digital Organization Consultant.

Of course, when these programs integrate with Desktop search programs like: Copernic, Google, and MSN and Yahoo! then we really have something to work with. Evernote developers have been discussing their plans to work with Google's desktop search - so for now that is where I am concentrating my efforts.

I'd like to know what people would think of a service like this and what they feel it might be worth to them for someone to get all their digital content organized on their home network's hard drives. Music, photos, videos, electronic paperwork for online billing and banking, and yes even handwritten notes via a product like the Digimemo.



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