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Sunday, March 27, 2005

Charlene Li's Blog: First look at Yahoo! 360

Charlene Li's Blog: First look at Yahoo! 360

From Li's blog at Forrester.com
The service will be made available to a “select group of beta testers” on the morning of March 29th. Those beta testers will be allowed to invite as many people as they would like – no limits are being set. One thing about the beta – it appears that Yahoo! has a detailed roadmap of improvements that they plan to make to the service, with several becoming available after the beta launch date. Gasp! A real beta! So I’m expecting a lot of glitches, changes, and general growing pains…but I’m setting aside a couple of hours already on Tuesday to get my 360 service up and going.

I applied to be a beta tester for this but I have not heard anything on it yet. I wonder if the invites are going out on Monday or if the first beta testers have already been notified.

Now, I need to find someone to invite me to join!


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