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Friday, October 14, 2005

Qumana’s Simple Ad Inclusion for Blogs - via TechCrunch

Qumana’s Simple Ad Inclusion for Blogs: "Qumana is an excellent wysiwyg online/offline tool for editing blogs. We’ve written about Qumana before and described their service, which is completely free.

Yesterday Qumana launched v 2.0 of their product. The primary feature addition is the ability to easily, very easily, add pay-per-click ads directly into blog posts.

Ads can be positioned anywhere, and there are a couple of formatting options to choose from (see arrows in screen shot below). Revenues are split 50/50 between Qumana and the publisher.

Ads are keyword driven based on tags you set for the post, and flow into RSS without any problems. Each Ad is tracked by keyword and clicks. Ads can also be previewed before final posting. The publisher has the flexibility to add as many or as few ads as he or she desires.

There are additional new features as well, including improved old post edits, better drag and drop tools, and better integration with wordpress and blogger.

This is the best tool I’ve seen for small (and large) bloggers to easily include ads in posts.

Tags: qumana, ads, blogs, blogging, techcrunch, web2.0, web 2.0"

I checked this out after seeing the mention on TechCrunch and the demo screenshots looked nice. I will be trying it out this weekend. I really like the ability to add the Technorati tags. I tried this with modifying the Blogger post template but this way looks much easier. Targeted ads that I would be able to get 50% of the revenue somewhat interest me also. Look for my Qumana generated Blog posts soon!


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