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Monday, December 19, 2005

jkOnTheRun exclusive- details emerge about the DualCor cPC (jkOnTheRun)

More info on the DualCor cPC can be found at this site: jkOnTheRun. Interesting fact about the Outlook PIM info being shared between the full PC Outlook version and the WM 5.0 without the need for ActiveSyncing - I like that! I want one - now. Glad I have been waiting to upgrade my PDA to a WM 5.0 device - and I haven't taken the plunge yet for a TabletPC. One device for $1500 could work for me.

From: tech.memeorandum

jkOnTheRun exclusive- details emerge about the DualCor cPC  —  The DualCor cPC has captured the imagination of technophiles and geeks since word of this unusual device was given by CNET this past week.  The idea of having a handheld …

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