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Sunday, October 17, 2004

EverNote - EverNote Demo at Digital Life Show

EverNote - EverNote
I posted on this before, and yesterday I got to see this app up close in the EverNote booth and during their presentation on stage. I was so impressed after the brief demo in the booth, that I went back to sit in on the stage show presentation later in the day.

This app really looks like it has figured out how to keep track of all the miscellaneous information that one comes across with the running "note tape". Add in: assigning multiple categories, great search functionality, and synching to a handheld (Pocket PC, Palm,...) and I think they have a winner here.

The best part is: the apps are free for the client devices like the PC, Tablet, handheld, etc... The company indicated they will be charging a $20/Year fee for syncronization service amongst the client devices.

The beta should be out before the end of the month. Sign up here:Sign Up to be notified when Beta is available


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