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Friday, October 08, 2004

Google Rolls Out Test of Short Message Service

Yahoo! News - Google Rolls Out Test of Short Message Service
This is an interesting concept. It enables you to access Google searches without using an internet browser on your phone, you just use SMS to send a text message. At first, I wondered as I often do when thinking about these Local directory services..."sounds great but what if I don't know the zip code of where I am at the moment". Google seems to have this covered by allowing you to enter the city and state. That begs the question, Is it only major cities or can I say Melville, NY and get local LI listings and not NYC?

I will give it a try on the cell phone and see how well it works. I can also Google via the web browser on my phone without incurring SMS messaging charges since I already pay for a monthly data plan, so I don't see it becoming a common tool for me.


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