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Monday, June 06, 2005

T3 Podcast Show #2

In this, my second podcast, I discuss some of the ideas I am considering for regular segments on my podcast.

T3 - Tony's Tech Talk - Podcast suggested regular show topics:

What's on My Devices (Featured Software Application)

A periodic segment on the software that I am using for day to day use or testing out in a trial mode. Will cover PC apps for the laptop, pocket pc applications on the ipaq, and occasionally some tie ins with the ipod and my Motorola cell phone.

Sunday Shopping

Weekly review of the sales flyers from the Sunday newspaper from main chain stores like CompUSA, Circuit City, Best Buy, Office Supply stores. Probably a Monday evening segment. This is similar to what Tech TV's The ScreenSavers used to do on the Monday show.

Tech Tips Related to Personal Productivity Systems like GTD

What's on My Bloglines / Aggregators / ipodder

A periodic segment on blog feeds and podcasts that I am regulary subscribing to.

Digital Media Organization Tips

A segment on my quest to rip my CD collection and organize my CD and DVD media files.


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