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Saturday, January 01, 2005

Motorola Motorola V551

Motorola Motorola V551

My new cell phone Motorola V551. I moved the ATT Wireless accounts for me and my wife over to Cingular. Even though they merged, there are still two separate systems behind the scene for the billing and account issues.

I now have the unlimited wireless data plan which should come in handy with having a camera phone and the ability to shoot short video clips also with the phone.

So far, I had success in getting this to work with my Jabra BT200 Bluetooth headset. I also was able to get the ipaq to connect via BT and surf the Net over the cell phone.

I had the store transfer my phone directory from the SIM card into the new phone. Most of the numbers came over but in the old phone book, I had one entry with numbers for Home, Work, Mobile. This phones address book works differently - so I need to go through all the numbers and adjust them accordingly.

More will follow on the new phone in the future. I am eventually going to try the MOT software for synching to Outlook and maybe put a BT USB adapter on the laptop and see if I can get Net access via the phone on the laptop.


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